Complete Project Support

SERS can guide you through your refurbishment project providing help and advise every step of the way

  • Householders notified of the area based scheme (HEEPS ABS) in their location from the local council or managing agent.
  • Householders interested in the offer are referred to SERS.
  • Open day events potentially organised.
  • An initial pre-install survey is booked with the customer.
  • Every survey is property specific.
  • In detail briefing of the works in line with the project's scope of works and explain internal access requirements.
  • Time for the customer to ask any questions/queries they may have.
Scope of Works
  • EPC to be carried out pre and post works for government reporting purposes by an external surveyor.
  • Building Warrants applied for in-house.
Funding Solutions
  • Householders notified 7-10 days prior to work commencing.
  • Continual programme management with quality assurance process from site management and external clerk of works.
  • Continual customer engagement throughout the project with the resident liaison officer.
  • Property is signed off as complete by the site management and clerk of works.
  • TLO visit to complete ECO paperwork (if eligible) and customer sign off to mark the job as closed out.
Follow up Meeting
  • 25-year warranty for works and insurance back guarantee is sent to customers along with a maintenance guide.
  • Completion certificates requested from the local authority.
Compliance Validation
  • Completion of works starts the 12 months defects period.
25 Year Warranties
12 Month Defect Inspections
PAS 2030


SERS places the client and end user at the forefront of all operations and carries out all measures to ensure the project's success. Innovative solutions such as cold weather render applications ensure our service offering meets the demands of both businesses and residents. Our whole life solution approach ensures properties we work on deliver significant asset value. 25-year warranties, 12-month defect inspections and a comprehensive maintenance and repair solution make up just part of the SERS whole life solution. SERS also have extensive experience in cavity extraction.

As a contractor, SERS is fully compliant with PAS 2030 standards and requirements, following industry-wide best practice and guidance for your piece of mind. 

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