Ayr Boswell Youth Football

16th April 2020
Project: Installation of EWI to 190 houses at Newton Green, Ayr on behalf of South Ayrshire Council Engagement with Council to identify community groups that had requested funding support, three groups were identified and agreement made to provide sponsorship. Ayr Arts Guild – to promote young people to attend 7 musical concerts during 2019 /20 at Ayr Town Hall, SERS provided 100 child and 100 adult tickets to events. Boswell and Coylton youth football teams, SERS provided waterproof jackets and training kits to both youth teams for use at both training and match days.
Biggest thanks to SERS for the extremely generous sponsorship you gave Ayr Boswell, the boys received new waterproof jackets which have been well used. Thank you again for your kind support of our youth football team.
Ian Thomson
Coach at Ayr Boswell Youth Football

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